This is a living journal focused around the modern web through bite sized development projects. Expect to see live demos and commentary on the development process in the Projects below. Projects in the pipeline are tagged as Upcoming.


Project name Description Features
simple api
publicly consumable web service php, api key, parameterised SQL query, CORS, htaccess
Solve industry pain point of identifying roof profiles. See the app here Responsive design, SVG modelling roof profiles, OOJS, Analytics, ASP.NET, C#, Azure
advanced find
user friendly database queries database design, query design
algorithmic trader
algorithmic trading model financial modelling, data mining, YQL, backtesting
offline web app
In progress
offline html5 app with data resync localstorage, cache manifest, resync data


2015-05 Coming from a place where WordPress is the go-to platform for creating sites, I've spent most of my time learning about how to put together a site from scratch. Site design (css, bootstrap), client-side code (jQuery), reducing duplicate code by referencing files (server-side code, php) are areas where I spent most of my time. Even little things like implementing the 'night-mode' switch on the top right of this page gives me an appreciation of why libraries such as Angular are useful. There's a tempation to build out features to simplify the process of adding new projects e.g. hold projects in a database and echo them out. By getting my hands dirty I'm beginning to put the modern web into context, bit by bit.